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Bill Hubbard

Marine Art

Rock Hill, SC


Bill grew up in a fishing family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He specializes in marine art - seascapes and boats. HI studied oil painting in with Margaret Taylor, Robert Benham and also painted with Emil Gruppe. While living and painting on Cape Cod from 2002 to 2006 he was greatly influenced by the watercolor work of Anton Stetzko who induced him to try that media.

Bill lived and worked in Melbourne, Florida and was a member and Director of the Strawbridge Art League. While his early work was with oils and watercolor; he now works soley in the mixed-media of Acrylics, Pen & Ink. Growing up in Gloucester, most of his paintings reflect that area’s famous tradition of sailing fishing and trading schooners. In recent years he has added working figures of fishermen and sailors to many of his paintings to help them tell a story of the era they represent. Bill currently lives in York, So. Carolina and paints historical scenes of early New England. south Atlantic, the Carolinas, Florida and the Bahamas.

Bill's wife, Therese is the author of poetry, children's books and romance novels. Therese also works in Pencil and Pen & Ink to create sketches of animals and portraits of children, cats and dogs. She will create a beautiful sketch of your child, grandchild or pets from your clear color photograph. Ask her about that by Email at:
Therese's books are available, and Barnes & Nobel as eBooks. Many are free or very low cost.
Paperback editions are in the works and will soon be available on Amazon.

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